This is me

I am Uta Jadin,born in Hagen, Germany.
Together with my husband I have 4 children in the age of 19 years to 32 years.

I started my spiritual development about 15 years ago and never stopped learning since then.
I have learned 3 years of spiritual healing, 3 years of animalcommunication and during those years I also learned Reiki, singing bowl massage and meditation, Bachflower remedies, Quantum healing and lots more.

I love to help people and animals, but I also love to teach and help people find their own way.
I teach in Germany, Luxembourg, Holland,Belgium, Mallorca(spain) and  I also go to the USA  to teach.

I read a lot and that is a big part of my spiritual development.

So if everything I have to offer is of interest for you,feel free to call.

Thanks you.