My service and consulting is also available in English.
Feel free to call and get more information.

Service in:

* spiritual healing
* Matrix-in-Harmony(2 point healing)
* Singing bowl massage and meditation
* Bachflowers
* Aura and Chakren clearing
* Incence smoking and clearing

Please call for appointments,we talk about what you would like to do,what your problem is,and then I can decide, which of the treatments I would recomand.


Information about Matrix-in-Harmony

Treatment(about 30 minutes):   40,-Euros
long distance Treatment :             40,-Euros

Consultation, different treatments:

1 hour:     65,-Euros

Singing bowl massage and meditation

Information about singing bowl massage

1 hour treatment               65,-Euros
Meditation                           20,-Euros


Consultation per phone:   50,-Euros for a first consultation

Find out more about animalcommunication on my other website:

Workshops and Lectures:

I offer to teach the 2 point quantum healing in a one day workshop in the english language.You learn to heal yourself and others and the distant healing.

Costs: 215,-Euros

I do a workshop if 6 people come together.
You want to organize a workshop? Ask me about the benefiz of being an organizer for me!

I also offer to teach the basic course of animalcommunication by Penelope Smith and the basic children course in the english language.
It goes over 2 days for grown ups and for children (7 to 13 years) it will go over 1 day.

costs:  185,-Euros  for grown ups
                 75,-Euros for children

You want to organize a workshop? Ask me for the benefiz of being an organizer for me!